Our centerpiece is The Game of True Journeys© ,  a game aimed at rehearsing the role of the hero in your real life.  It is about the greatest adventure, it is about going inward while pursuing life endeavors, thus transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary…  It moves through a unique mix of entertainment, interaction and insight while conveying wisdom from ancient oracles and human behaviour knowledge.

Our empowering workshops utilize this game to offer to the participants a fascinating space for emulating real endeavors -or even fantasy ones that might perhaps become real eventually.   The magic comes from archetypical metaphors that resonate with the participants as they go on an inward journey of discovery and fulfillment. They do so within specific contexts chosen by each individual.  The contexts can be any future endeavor that the person wants to explore.  The leit motiv is to be the hero in precisely the endeavor chosen as context for  the game.   Following Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, they go through a preparation, a passage and a return, while confronting situations that appeal to the Spiritual Warrior within, striving to manifest their True Self.

In the game, the participants depart for their journeys from “the world as usual”, i.e., their comfort zone, and return to it after having gone through challenges to realize their dreams. Finally, they rejoice in observing how their “world as usual” has become anew. All this happens within a game playing setting -possibly the most effective way of learning. Just as kids learn by playing, the game setting allows the participants to feel at ease about dropping their barriers (beliefs, fears and so forth).

Epic Spirit - The Game of True Journeys ©2009 Arturo J. Bencosme-Dávila