Invitational, Complimentary Workshops:

These are intended to provide healers, therapists and oracles with an opportunity to explore our workshops on a complimentary basis, to:

  • Interact with other colleagues and go through a dynamic learning experience.
  • Explore complementing their practice through a non-therapy workshop, which might enhance it and further the benefits  that their clients derive from it.

Our workshops are designed around the concept of having the participants experience a heroic journey centered on following their hearts, that is, going after their bliss. This experience is a true source of personal energy or can even lead to life reinvention.The workshops provide a fun, safe space for the participants to embark on their path to bliss, rehearsing it before trying it in their lives. A self-enquiry method is utilized that supports the participants in:

  • Overcoming challenges  in such important areas as leading a “good life”, clarifying your own path of growth, achieving prosperity, managing relationships.
  • Exploring one’s “personal legend”-as in The Alchemist,i.e.,going after one’s dreams.

~ In roughly 2 hours,

every participant

gets significant insights he/she can act on! ~

Following Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey,they go through a preparation, a passage and a return. They confront situations that appeal to the Spiritual Warrior within, striving to manifest their True Self.  All this happens within a game playing setting - possibly the most effective way of learning. Just as kids learn by playing, the game setting allows the participants to feel at ease about dropping their barriers (beliefs, fears and so forth).

Join us...! 

Dates or times by arrangement.

Up to 5 participants per workshop only.


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         You will be happy you did!