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About Applying Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey"

Heroic Journey Consulting

Maricopa Community Colleges – Center for Learning & Instruction - About The Hero's Journey:

Cerritos College - The Hero's Journey Resource Page: Ageless

Wisdom & The Hero's Journey in Story and Myth:

Buddha - A Hero's Journey to Nirvana:

Clemson U.: Hero - Heroine Comparison:

Sheila Seifert,  Hero's Journey Defined: Sheila

Seifert, Xena & Gabrielle: Romantic Warrior Heroes: Saleem Rana: The Empowered

Soul - The Heroic Journey: 


On the Hero’s Journey Archetype and the Generative Self

The Hero’s Journey and The Generative Self: The Realization of an Extraordinary Life- Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. - Discovering Meaning and Wisdom through the Hero's Journey:

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and MythoSelf:

Joseph Riggio, creator and architect of the MythoSelf process (also referred to or referenced as the Mythogenic Self Process), posted this write-up to the Deep Mind Yahoo Group.