Epic Spirit’s workshops for corporations and for organizations constitute superlative organizational learning environments.


These workshops address the inspirational, the emotional and the effectiveness elements present in individuals and in teams.  And they focus on leveraging these elements in a way that builds unimaginable interdependence and alignment towards the desired results. Still this is just one part of the story. These workshops will prompt each of the participants to attain a true convergence toward owning those results and to celebrating the journey by sharing them with their organization.

Facilitation is a key success factor at Epic Spirit’s workshops. Our facilitators can be described as compassionate and encouraging, focusing on supporting every participant in his/her strengths –not his/her weaknesses. We embody the concept that to facilitate is to make easier or possible to execute something or to realize an objective.

Each of our workshops is aimed at specific purposes such as:

Ø   Executive Coaching & Leadership Development:  The Epic Spirit’s  approach is about facilitating the undertaking of the Leader’s Journey,  a hero’s journey of a special kind.  It is an inside–out leadership process whereby the participant connects with his/her inner source of energy and chooses to spread it through the organization.

Ø   Strategic Alignment & Team Integration:  Epic Spirit’s workshops are particularly effective to bring together the minds and the hearts of the participants into a well knitted spirit of cooperation for the highest good of every one concerned, be it within the context of a particular task, a project or the organization as a whole.

Ø   Change Management:  Epic Spirit’s workshops unleash the creative energy of the participants by expanding their ability to visualize the end results being pursued through the proposed change, and by enhancing their understanding and acceptance of current reality in relation to those results (no matter how crude or brutal it might be).  This energy will be available for harnessing and intelligently utilization in follow-up strategy formulation processes.

Naturally, every organization will have specific needs at each time. While the above examples are very general, Epic Spirit will work to address the particular requirements in each case, to insure that the experience of those participating in the workshop will be centered on making the most to further the organization’s objectives.


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