The following testimonials reflect what people are saying about their experience and results obtained from participating in Epic Spirit workshops' centerpiece The Game of True Journeys ©


"I was aware when 'playing' the Game of True Journeys that I was immersing myself into
a powerful, potent journey which illuminated the most specific and important challenges
I would face as well as the wisest remedies for the practical unfoldment of my greatest dream.   This is no game, it is playing out your greatest dream in life in a safe and supportive context.  Incredibly beneficial."

Andrea Jackson  - RADIANT AWARENESS International Phone Sessions & Groups


"The game is wonderful.  It is more like a work of art - it is pretty and follows a beautiful logic.  This should be of interest for every person, from children to adults.   It makes people reflect on their life themes from a loving place, a place of much nourishment and growth."  

Alexis Butto - Engineer and Executive Manager


"The experience of playing this Hero's Journey-based game made me look at some tough questions, and gain clarity in my life's direction within one evening session. The combination of the game cards direct questions and having to answer them in a group setting with a spiritual facilitator, led me to uncover some powerful insights about myself, my gifts, and my true path, which I am now on."

Jesse Richmond, MBA & Ayurveda Healer

"Playing the Game of True Journeys created a huge shift in how I face large scary endeavors. I figured out that my biggest fears were also my biggest opportunities, and that I wanted those opportunities.  When I realized this, I saw that I could become a creator and problem solver rather than feel defeated or battered by my big challenges. Whenever those old feelings creep back in I simply re-read my “game card” and I feel the benefits of “the game” all over again.  I would highly recommend it, especially for those who are at a crossroads in their lives."

Stacey Dykema, Comos Web Design



"The game of the Hero's Journey is a nice surprise because of how well it's designed. It provides a safe environment to explore the most important personal aspects of virtually any subject, enhanced by healthy interaction with others. At the end of the game, everyone is left with the feeling that the game is designed specifically for them, to help in understanding their issues and how to move forward positively. The game easily coaxes answers from within, answers that might otherwise remain elusive."

Bill Arras, Hang Glider, Paraglider & Ballon flier



"Since I had no prior knowledge of the game, I had no specific expectations about playing this game. The only thing I had been told about it was that it involved substantial sharing in a small group setting. And since I am comfortable with opening up in groups I had no hesitation in joining the group.

The personal context I chose for going through the game was the challenge of further enhancing my reality of death as a natural gift. For me the gift is to make living in the present moment more accessible on every occasion. My highest point came when another participant reflected back to me the true self in me which I am pursuing. Because I enjoy feeling connected, I very much appreciated this heartfelt feedback. My connectedness with the group was enhanced and strengthened as a result of having participated in this experience."

Holland Phillips, Electrical Engineer (Retired)