Greetings!   Being into the epic spirit  is akin to being driven by a sense of excellence and greatness.  It is about being propelled by that special energy that allows for creativity and achievement at a larger-than-life scale.

That kind of enthusiasm can become a way of life, reaching into all personal and business areas.  It transforms any activity into an adventure. 

Yet there is a caveat, namely, that you must then be a hero in the endeavors at hand.  What kind of a hero? 

At Epic Spirit we follow Joseph Campbell's definition:

A hero is anyone who leaves the world of everyday life to undergo a journey to a special world where challenges and fears are overcome to secure a reward  which is then shared with others in the community.                   

       (Adapted from Joseph Campbell’s  ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces‘)

Our basic premise is that it is just great to be the hero in your own endeavors through life.   If you are feeling a call to adventure, or if you yearn to transform the ordinary into extraordinary in business or in life,  then come, 

explore what Epic Spirit has for you!


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