Our specialty consists of facilitated, experiential workshops utilizing our propietary board game:

Epic Spirit - The Game of True Journeys ©

In these workshops, you go into epic journeys of discovery and self-enquiry leading to insights you can act on.

Through our workshops, individuals and work teams can rehearse being the hero in their own lives or in their business' endeavors,  and thus discover useful keys to an enhanced, successful path. 

At Epic Spirit, we thrive in facilitating both individuals and work teams into clarifying their intention and following a path toward their innate grandeur.  Participants in our workshops go through a valuable experiential learning process that brings out the best in them in a way that is fun, powerful and enlightening.

We focus the positive in each person, and on how to create a heroic, generative future, a future where he or she embraces his / her personal legend.  To attain such an state of excellence, workshop participants first tap their own inner resources, particularly past experiences where they have been at their best.  Then they connect to something greater than themselves as expressed through their core values.  Next,  each participant allows his / her generative self to express itself through an icon or an image that evokes their total creativity and thus feel energized to undertake insightful inward journeys.

At the  personal level, we work with individuals from all avenues of life and on whatever endeavor is in their minds as a way of embracing the realization of their dreams.

 Within corporate environments, we direct our attention to supporting each group in attaining the alignment and the drive that work teams -executive, managerial or operational- require to further the attaining of the organization's aspirations and objectives.

We also offer invitational, complimentary workshops for healers, therapists and oracles. We honor that such professions are heroic -similar to that of the Greek mythological figure Chiron. He is a role model for every one who, rather than giving in to despair amid their own suffering, reaches out to help others.  Throughout history, professionals in these areas have gone into personal heroic journeys to tap into their own sources of wisdom.



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