• Purposely serve in working for a better world by supporting others in finding their path to bliss thus living their personal legend.   
  • Intend that we are being lead by love, wisdom and beauty, and we strive to manifest that through interdependence and cooperation, spiritual and personal growth, peaceful coexistence and wealth sharing in all of our endeavors.
  • Envision ourselves operating as a hub of an ever expanding network of individuals and organizations whose work is in alignment with this purpose and values.
  • Believe that success is a journey, not a destination, and that ours is a journey of being of use to our clients. This we accomplish through assisting them in their efforts to enhance their leadership in their own lives and in their organizations.   
  • Focus on creating and facilitating workshops and other training events, on developing related tools and products, and on expanding our outreach to humanity at large through sharing our knowledge and skills.   And in so doing,  we:

- Operate from a place of Integrity,

- Take pride in striving for Excellence,

- Do our work with Enthusiasm,

- Cherish our Connection to our Clients,

- Apply leverage to Add Valor,and,

- Thrive through harnessing Positive Energy..



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Arturo J. Bencosme, PhD

      Founder, Workshop & board game designer, and Facilitator. Arturo is an enthused consultant, facilitator and trainer of personal mastery, visionary leadership and strategy, both for individuals and in corporate settings. His personal legend includes bringing an epic spirit to the public at large, and to the business world.

His 25+ year journey through strategic planning, MBA teaching, and management consulting allows him to emphasize organizational learning, the art and science of expanding the capacity for clarifyng the desired future and means to attain it.  He has also kept on a life long learning path through seminars and courses on leadership, personal growth and visionary strategy.  

Arturo passionately embodies the view of human life that we are spiritual beings that are having a human experience. And that the purpose of such experience is to utilize everything for our learning, growth and advancement so that we can eventually become who we already are.   Paragliding flying has led him into experiencing what is like to being in sync with the universe - specially the weather.  And so, flying has become a metaphor for letting love lead his life, his guiding lemma. 

A firm believer in personal mastery, he was Venezuela's Director for Insight Seminars from 1995 to 2001.  Currently he lives by the Rocky Mountains, in Boulder, Colorado with his wife Leonor, cherishing their two dogs, Titania and Oberon.  His two sons are professional engineers and lead their epic lives abroad.

Reach him through:  ajbencosme at epic-spirit.com



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